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Charlotte relationship expert on why 'we can't handle marriage'

The first line is pretty telling, "Marriages today just don't work," the columnist wrote.
"Why can't we do marriage?"

It's a story that's getting a lot of traffic here on wcnc.com.

Apparently a lot of you can relate to this opinion piece that we posted called "5 reasons we can't handle marriage anymore."

So we sat down with a local expert to find out what's going on – and how to fix things.

The first line is pretty telling, "Marriages today just don't work," the columnist wrote.

Apparently he's on to something – because thousands of you have been poring over this article…

He's 29 and says his generation isn't equipped to handle marriages.

And he points to five reasons:

  • Sex he says, is non-existent.
  • Finances cripple us.
  • We're not connecting.
  • We need attention
  • And social media means everyone is in bed with you.

Laurie Berzack is a Charlotte-based matchmaker, dating coach and relationship expert and she agrees – today's couples are in trouble.

"They're not focusing on the marriage, because everyone is very ADD now."

She says the selfie age means people are looking for approval from the masses – more so than their own partner.

"I mean think about it, you put yourself on Facebook, on Instagram- sexy photo for the women, hot photo for the guy with the muscles, and what not and they're getting pins and they are getting excited that people are liking their photos and what they're posting."

"How important is sex? Sex is extremely important. People should be having sex, I think, two to three times a week."

She says sex and money are always the biggest problems for couples.

"What the author said that I thought was interesting is that people aren't going out to dinner anymore, nice vacations, anniversary gifts anymore because they are so hampered down by finances."

So of course, we wanted her best advice for saving modern day marriages.

"Best advice, throw out those cell phones. Put the phones away, put away the social media, put some boundaries around when you're going to be online and really try to connect with your partner. Communication is the number one thing In a marriage and if you don't have it you might as well toss it out the window."

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