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Seeking Solutions | COVID-19 cripples struggling system, leaving foster kids and families in limbo

One foster family’s difficult journey amidst the pandemic is indicative of a larger trend in Charlotte and across the country.

Michelle Boudin

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Published: 6:05 PM EST February 8, 2022
Updated: 1:11 AM EST February 9, 2022

The foster care system has historically faced challenges, but the COVID-19 pandemic meant foster kids and the families trying to help them were hit with an even more devastating blow. 

Staffing shortages, court delays and more dilemmas caused kids to be kept in limbo longer than ever before. Foster care experts said some kids are even aging out of the system, ending up without families because of how backlogged the foster care system has been. 

In the U.S., there are no orphanages. For children without a home, that’s where the foster care system comes in as a way to get those kids facing hardship into stable, loving homes. 

A good way to get a snapshot of these setbacks is to take a look at one foster family currently caring for one little boy.

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