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Study: Popular cameras sold on websites like Amazon have 'huge security risks'

These kinds of cameras are affordable and easy to use. But -- as the study suggests -- buyer beware.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new study by consumer group Which? found “huge security risks” with home surveillance cameras. 

The study tested six cameras purchased on Amazon and found every single one was easily hacked, meaning people could gain access to your camera, and your home, without you ever knowing. 

These kinds of cameras are becoming so popular; they’re affordable and easy to use. But -- as the study suggests -- buyer beware.

Which? tested six popular wireless cameras for security vulnerabilities, and released the concerning findings this week.

Their security experts were able to remotely take control of every single one, to spy though each lens at their leisure, with little to no difficulty.

Security experts said that goes for most any wi-fi connected device. So what can you do to protect yourself?

First, never keep the default password that came with your home internet router. Experts said those are incredibly easy for hackers to guess, and therefore gain access to every internet-connected device in your home.

Second, beware of posting photos of your camera online, like if you’re leaving a review. The consumer group found some of these products have the default usernames and passwords printed clearly on the side of the product.

Finally, security experts said while these cameras can be great for outdoor security use, you may not want to have them installed in private places like your bedroom or living space.

The product testers at Which? said they tried to contact the camera manufacturers about the security lapses but found it was impossible to trace them.

Amazon said they require every product they sell to be compliant with all laws and regulations, and they actively monitor any concerns that arise.

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