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How Incognito Mode can save you money while shopping online

Shopping online is easy, but did you know some stores charge more based on your location? Private browsing can save money and protect your personal information.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Shopping online has many perks. It's convenient, it's quick and it makes comparison shopping a breeze, but did you know you might be paying more for a product based on your location?

According to the personal finance website, The Penny Hoarder, some online retailers vary prices depending on your location when you're shopping online and what time you're doing the shopping.

To make sure you're not getting price gouged, experts suggest you go undercover by using your web browser's private mode whenever you shop.

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Security software company Norton says every web browser has a private browsing option. If you use Mozilla Firefox or Safari, it's actually called "Private Browsing." For Google Chrome users, Incognito Mode is your go-to. If you use Microsoft Edge, look for "InPrivate." 

While the name may be different depending on your browser, consumer experts agree each option will keep your information private, which is exactly what you want. 

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