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'It's one of the most severe and harsh laws': DMV & insurance companies partner to suspend licenses, recoup money

Jacob Twisdale lost everything when his son Evan died in a wreck. Nearly two years later, Jacob's license was suspended and to get it back he'd have to pay $20,000.

Nate Morabito (WCNC)

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Published: 11:40 AM EST February 8, 2023
Updated: 3:41 PM EST February 17, 2023

Jacob Twisdale paid the price twice.

First, he lost his only child. Then, two years later, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles suspended his driver's license, even though he wasn't involved in the crash that claimed his son's life. To get his license back, he had to pay $20,000.

"I had lost enough," Twisdale said from his Mooresville home. "I lost everything."

While Twisdale's case is extreme, records show the DMV suspends thousands of licenses every year for the same underlying reason.

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