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Carolina Has Heart: Woman has volunteered at Billy Graham Library from the beginning

Elizabeth Puckett was also a volunteer counselor for Billy Graham's crusade in Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you visit the Billy Graham Library, you will meet a lovely lady whos been there since the very beginning.

"'I tell them my name is Elizabeth, and we're glad they're here and everything."

Elizabeth Puckett has been a volunteer with the library since it opened. She even was a volunteer counselor for Billy Graham's crusade in Charlotte.

"Seeing God move in hearts in all different ways, there are no words to describe it," said Puckett.

She began volunteering with her husband.  

"He still calls me his bride after being married 54 years," Puckett said.

Her husband worked at the front door, and Puckett worked in the prayer room.

"My mother used to say God gave you two ears and one mouth that means you're supposed to listen twice as much as you speak."

And that's exactly what Puckett does.

"They come in sometimes and say, 'God can't love me,' and I say, 'Oh yes he can,'"

The most common questions she gets is, " Why is the world like it is? Why did God let this happen?"

Puckett responds, "We all have a free will, and that's part of love."

She brings it all back to her 54-year marriage.

"With my husband, if I had to tell him to tell me he loves me, that wouldn't be real, but if he just gets up and says, 'I love you.' and does things for you, that's the way God is," said Puckett.

So if you visit the library anytime soon, at the end of your tour, be sure to ask for Puckett, because she would love to pray with you.

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