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CMPD Chief Kerr Putney speaks on the death of George Floyd

Friday, Charlotte protestors will be calling for racial justice and justice for Floyd.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The video of George Floyd is difficult to watch but impossible to ignore. 

"When I saw the video I was disgusted, it was the most cowardly act I've ever seen." 

Police Chief Kerr Putney joining Transformation Church, Pastor Derwin Gray on Instagram live today. 

For Putney, Floyd's death is personal. 

"I grew up not like the profession not liking cops at all, my dad died when I was ten, felt he was murdered, the body was thrown in the river and local authorities didn't investigate they chalked it up as another black man dead." 

The violence isn't unknown to Charlotte. Back in 2016, outrage in the streets after Keith Scott was shot and killed by a CMPD officer. Putney says there are good officers who do great things for the community. But the vetting process isn't perfect and sometimes it goes deeper than just a background check. 

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"Were always training, trying to be better, but what you can't train is learn from your upbringing, we train you to be good cops, but it starts with the forward you have to be a good person" Putney said. 

Friday, Charlotte protestors will be calling for racial justice and justice for Floyd.

"Anybody willing to abuse somebody the way this former officer did was not worthy to be sworn in, in the first place," Putney said.

 its time for us to strategically move forward with how we are going to prevent this from happening in every city and every county throughout America.

Sanctuary of life pastor, Curtarus Kirk is organizing a peaceful protest in Rock Hill Saturday. He says the loss brings on the haunting fear that the same violence could take his own family. 

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"Always have to look at my son and say, you know, some of the things that you're going through and going to deal with in life I didn't have to go through as a child so I cant prepare you for how I was trained I have to prepare you for the future," Kirk said. 

The future to speak out during injustice, and that's what protesters will be doing tonight in Charlotte, pleading that this time things will change. 

"We're not saying all police are bad but the ones that are bad need to know that hey somebodies checking you," Kirk said. 

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