CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The teen charged with killing a Butler High School classmate entered a guilty plea for voluntary manslaughter Thursday morning. 

Following that guilty plea, a judge sentenced Jatwan Cuffie to a maximum of 9 years in jail for the shooting death of his classmate, Bobby McKeithen.  

Police said Cuffie shot Bobby McKeithen during a fight.  

Outside the courthouse, McKeithen's father said it doesn't matter how long Cuffie will spend in prison.

"I don't care what kind of sentence you give him," he said. "You could've given him the electric chair. My son still ain't coming back to life after that."

Cuffie's mother said she's satisfied with the plea deal her son received.

"He was worried about Bobby's family," she said. "It took a toll on him as well, but he got through it."

After the October 19th shooting, then Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox said the shooting happened in one of the school's main hallway before classes. 

 A Matthews Police spokesperson said surveillance video showed the fight that led to the shooting. 

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"We are incredibly saddened that we had a loss of life on one of our campuses," said Wilcox. "And what makes it doubly worse is it was one of our students who was the shooter."

CMS released the following statement regarding the shooting as well:

Our hearts are with the family, loved ones, friends and everyone affected by the tragedy which occurred this morning at Butler High School. Counseling is available to any student or staff who wishes to speak to someone. The Butler High School community and CMS appreciates the support of the entire community during this difficult time. CMS will provide updates throughout today, as warranted.