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Students fight back against calls to ban controversial book at Lake Norman Charter School

Those who have previously read The Poet X say it’s a coming of age story with important educational value.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Earlier this week, some parents announced their concerns over The Poet X as a reading selection for freshmen at Lake Norman Charter School.

And now, a group of students are speaking out about their support of the novel.

The Poet X has been a part of the Lake Norman Charter School curriculum since the 2018-2019 school year. This year, the book is expected to be read by students starting next month. But some parents are pushing to have the book ban due to its profanity, sexual references and anti-Christian verses. 

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Current seniors who have already had the opportunity to read the novel reached out to WCNC Charlotte to explain why they see no issues with the reading selection.

“It’s just a coming of age book,” student Maisie McCall said. “It’s not anything crazy, it’s just what teenage girls go through. It’s a girl trying to find her voice.”

Some students also add mature novels like The Poet X encourages productive classroom discussions and an elevated level of learning.

“Teachers always reiterate the fact that it's from a different point of view,” student Kit Kay said. “Whatever happens in the book might oppose our own views and beliefs, but that’s the whole point of reading the book so we get a wider view of what’s going on in the world.”

Lake Norman Charter School provides parents a chance to review the reading list prior to the start of school. Students are also offered an alternative reading option if they are not comfortable with the book selections.

In a formal letter, an attorney is now requesting Lake Norman Charter School to reconsider continuing to read The Poet X. If not, the legal team plans to file a lawsuit.

“There’s a lot of things we need in the school as it is and I feel like a lawsuit is another stress we do not need,” student Ekene Onukogu said.

Instead, students are organizing in their own ways by reaching out to administrators, making petitions and creating Google Docs to share their thoughts about The Poet X.

“Allowing our voices to be heard in a situation that involves us,” McCall said.

Lake Norman Charter School has not yet responded to multiple requests from WCNC Charlotte for comment. School administrators have until the end of the day Monday to respond to the legal letter.

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