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These zip codes in Mecklenburg County have at least 10 cases of COVID-19

Officials with Mecklenburg Co. Public Health released data showing younger generations are getting COVID19 across the area, with several zip codes home to 10+ cases.

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — Every zip code in Mecklenburg County has at least one COVID-19 case and at least 13 zip codes are home to 10 or more cases, according to the latest data released by county health officials. 

The only zip code without a known case is 28036, the area of Davidson. However, county health officials maintain it is likely there too as community spread has grown throughout the county. 

Although the older population is one of the most vulnerable, the numbers continue to show that a majority of cases are patients between 20 and 59 years old, 75.3%. 

Here's the breakdown among ages: 

  • <20 years old = 0.7%
  • 20-39 years old = 41.3%
  • 40-59 years old = 34.0%
  • ≥ 60 years old = 24.1%

The data is from the first 303 positive cases tested in the county through March 28. As of March 30, there were at least 333 Coronavirus cases in Mecklenburg County, according to health officials. 

About 1 in 5 patients in the county are hospitalized due to COVID-19. Those who test positive and are 60 years old or older run about a 50% chance of hospitalization, according to the data released. 

Cases in Mecklenburg County have continued to rise sharply over the past two and a half weeks. On March 11th, the first case appeared. Fast forward 19 days, and there were 333 total cases, according to the data. 

The numbers show that roughly 21% of patients who have tested positive have already been released from isolation. 

When you look at the percentages among races, 43.9% of positive cases are black patients, while 42.2% are white. 

So far, one person has died in Mecklenburg County due to coronavirus. 


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