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Watch out for political donation scams

Be on the lookout for scam artists pretending to be from a real political party or political action committee calling and emailing asking for your money.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Democratic National Convention wrapped up and the Republican National Convention is taking center stage to re-elect President Donald Trump, your phone might start ringing if it hasn’t already.

Political parties want your money, and while it’s fine to donate, make sure you are giving to something reputable.

Both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden want your money. Giving, if you want to give, is fine, just don’t get ripped off with phony and empty promises.

The first tip, look out for fake fundraising calls that sound legitimate enough to be from a real campaign but are not. The Better Business Bureau suggests contacting a campaign yourself if you’d like to donate money, rather than giving money on the line to an unsolicited caller.

Secondly, be aware of the promise of a free cruise or vacation in exchange for answering a voter survey, or public opinion poll, over the phone. Consumers are asked for a credit card or debit card number at the end of the call, to cover certain fees associated with the trip. 

Right now, a free vacation might sound good, but it might be too good to be real. It’s an election year, it’s ok to be skeptical.

Thirdly, someone may call you to check for voter eligibility. Scammers will call or email a victim to ask if they have verified their voter registration prior to election day.  If not, the scammers offer to do it for you, in exchange for a social security or credit number.

Scammers typically target older people in these types of scams. Older people are reliable voters and therefore, they are more likely to donate. 

Older people also have more disposable income. Experts say warn older people and family members, especially if they can’t hear all that well. These con artists are slick, they talk fast, and they will try to confuse you out of your money.