CHARLOTTE, N.C. — From hand-washing violations to disgusting discoveries, it's always worth checking the health inspection violations of any restaurant you're thinking about going to. 

No matter what the letter grade is, issues in the kitchen can really make you sick. 

First up on this week's report is The China Fun on Wyalong Drive in Charlotte. Some of their food, like the General Tso's chicken, was cooling at room temperature since the day before and still hadn't reached the proper cold holding temperature of 41 degrees, so it was thrown out. The inspector also saw a wooden paint stick that was wet and sitting next to a pot. The person in charge said they were using the paint stick to stir the rice. 

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The grade at China Fun? An 85.5, which is a B. Click here to view their inspection report

Next is Wendy's at 10235 University City Boulevard in northeast Charlotte. The inside of their ice machine and the customer ice chute, where you fill your cup, were dirty. And some of their grilled chicken, crispy chick and spicy chicken was holding between 92 and 110 degrees because the unit wasn't turned on. 

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The grade at Wendy's? An 89, that's a high B. Click here to view their inspection report

Last up this week is The Sandwich Club at 435 South Tryon Street. Their ice machine had black buildup on their deflector plate. That was a repeat violation. The corn chowder in their cooler was dated November 8 and the 12, but the inspection was done on the 12th, so some of it was 11 days old. They decided to throw it away. 

Their grade at The Sandwich Club? An 86.5, which is a B. Click here to view their inspection report.  

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