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DoorDash debuts at Super Bowl with the help of Sesame Street

The campaign is offering up a bit of nostalgia to try and promote supporting local business by ordering from the delivery app.

DoorDash will make a Super Bowl debut on what's called the largest day for advertising, with the company's campaign called "The Neighborhood," using Sesame Street to promote supporting local businesses. 

As Ad Age reports, "The Neighborhood" is the first time DoorDash has invested in the ad space on Game Day and is enlisting the help of Sesame Street characters to give viewers a dose of nostalgia. 

The campaign is a new look at the iconic children show's famous song "People in your Neighborhood." The ads are meant to also show DoorDash's attempt to branch out from one type of food delivery into other options like milk, cookies and other grocery items. 

In an ad released for the company, "Hamilton" star and Grammy and Tony award-winner Daveed Diggs sits on a sofa with the Cookie Monster who is reading a book about cookies. The doorbell rings and the door opens to multiple deliveries for dinner items, and of course one for cookies. 

Diggs says, "Oh, I thought I ordered tacos."

Cookie Monster says, "Me hungry!" 

Then Diggs calls on friends to come and help them eat. 

Christopher Payne, chief operations officer at DoorDash said, "DoorDash’s mission has always been to empower any business on Main Street to thrive online, and last year we meaningfully accelerated that mission as we extended our platform to offer more to your door–from food to convenience items, household supplies, health and wellness, and more."

As Ad Age reported, DoorDash announced that the company will donate $1 to the Sesame Workshop for each order placed on Feb. 7 and 8, up to $1 million.

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