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VERIFY: Yes, there is a higher demand than normal for nannies in Charlotte

As many businesses are accepting people back to the workplace, and summer right around the corner, some parents tell WCNC they are scrambling to find nannies.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — QUESTION: Is there a higher demand than normal for nannies in Charlotte?

ANSWER: Yes, there is currently a higher demand for nannies. Experts point to the covid 19, unemployment, and parents getting back to the workplace as part of the issue.



According to preliminary data from the US Census Bureau, North Carolina saw a population growth of about a million people from 2010.

"There are a lot of people moving to the Charlotte area," said Miller. 

Miller, the owner of Charlottes Best Nanny Agency, compares finding a nanny to the current housing market. 

"It a highly competitive market right now for nannies; it's the most completive market we have seen in the last nine years," said Miller. 

Currently, Miller has about 30 families on the waiting list for a nanny; she said families could wait up to about eight weeks. 

"I would say that there is a great demand on the market. There are probably more families than there are nannies in the area," said Miller. 

According to Miller, just like many other industries, Covid-19, unemployment and population growth has made it more difficult to find a Nanny. 

"It has a lot to do with the Covid 19 pandemic, and just like I said, people going from group settings to an In-home demand I think that has put a significant demand on the area," said Miller. 

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