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VERIFY: Yes, CMS students can still transfer to the virtual academy

Parents can still enroll students into CMS' virtual academy however, there is a waitlist. According to CMS 183 students are on the waitlist.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It's the second week of class for CMS students, and with coronavirus cases on the rise, some parents have been asking if they can still enroll their children into the district's virtual academy. 


Can you still enroll your child into CMS' virtual academy? 


Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools


Yes, you can still enroll your student in the virtual academy. However, you will be put on a waitlist. 


This year CMS is offering a virtual learning academy for students in grades 3-12. So far, there are 864 students in the Elementary virtual academy, 994 in the Middle school virtual academy, and 497 in the High school virtual academy. 

Parents originally had until July 18th to register their kids in a virtual academy. However, at the CMS board meeting on Tuesday, administrators said parents can transfer their kids into the virtual academy.

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"The best place is to go to that student placement website and enter a request for transfer. That is how we are enrolling all of our students in the virtual academy," Superintendent of School Option and Design  Akeshia Craven-Howell said.

With 2,355 students already enrolled in the academy, Howell said there is currently a waitlist. 

"As we add additional staff we just want to make sure that all of our students enrolled in the virtual school are having a positive instructional experience," Howell said.

According to Howell, there are about 183 students on the waitlist.

"The principals there continue to add teachers to accommodate. We know at this time we have 183 requests that have been received since Friday, August 19th, that are currently pending approval as we increase the staff sizes in our virtual academy," Howell said.

CMS said students still need to go to class in person while they are on the virtual academy waitlist.

"Send your kid to school with a mask. If you feel uncomfortable, speak to your physician and talk to your principal so they can say very clearly what they are doing in the school to provide a safe environment for their child," said North Learning Superintendent Dr. Matthew Hayes.


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