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Top 5 most searched Super Bowl 55 ads, according to Google

One of this year's most searched Super Bowl commercials didn't even air during the big game.

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ran away with a big win against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55, some people watching at home were more focused on the moments between the plays during the commercial breaks. 

According to Google Trends, these five Super Bowl ads were the most searched throughout the big game. 

5. Budweiser commercial

One of the most searched commercials this year, doesn't even exist. 

Even leading up to the big game, Budweiser was one of the top trending commercials. Instead of the famous Budweiser Clydesdales gracing television screens across the country, the company donated the money it would have spent on the ad to coronavirus vaccination awareness efforts.

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4. Brady Gronk commercial

Well Buccaneers fans, you have spotty cell phone service to thank for bringing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to Tampa Bay. Well, at least that was the joke in T-Mobile's Super Bowl ad that didn't wind up airing during the Super Bowl. 

The Brady-Gronk commercial is set one year ago with Brady in Boston calling a retired Gronkowski in Florida, asking whether it's time for him to hang up the cleats and call it a career.

The ad plays on a spotty cell phone network where Brady misunderstands Gronkowski and thinks he calls him "soft and weak" encouraging Brady to announce he is going to Florida and is bringing Gronkowski out of retirement.

While the ad aired throughout the weekend leading up to the big game, T-Mobile's Chief Marketing Officer said the ad was "banned" from airing during the Super Bowl. 

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3. Jeep Super Bowl commercial

Jeep enlisted "The Boss" to share a special inspirational message for its 2021 Super Bowl ad. The nearly 2-minute spot is titled "The Middle" and is narrated by Bruce Springsteen. It featured Springsteen driving a Jeep CJ-5 on a journey to the U.S. Center Chapel in Kansas, which reportedly sits in the geographical center of the United States.

The company said the ad was meant to remind everyone that "we are stronger than the obstacles in our way."  

While most ads are revealed ahead of time to try to capture pre-game buzz, Jeep was one of the companies that decided to truly debut the ad on Super Bowl Sunday.

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2. Reddit Super Bowl commercial

You might have missed it if you happened to look away from the TV for just a second, but Reddit aired a very short Super Bowl ad on Sunday night. It was so quick and unexpected that the only way you could've managed to read it all would've been from screenshots or pausing your broadcast. 

The commercial was just 5-seconds long and included an explanation for why it was so short.  The ad explained that all the company could afford was 5 seconds of commercial airtime, so they spent the "entire marketing budget" on that. 

"If you're reading this, it means our bet paid off," text shown on screen during the commercial explained. 

"One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when they come together around a common idea," the text added, referencing how a community of investors on the Reddit forum WallStreetBets wound up sparking a huge rally around GameStop stock.

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1. Cheetos commercial

"It wasn't me." That's the alibi for Mila Kunis to husband Ashton Kutcher when he accuses her of taking his Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix in the brand's Super Bowl ad, even though the evidence is all over her face. And fingers. And the wall.

The ad plays off the song "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy, and the singer appears in the ad. When Kutcher first shows up to ask Kunis, "Did you steal my Cheetos again?" Kunis looks for her excuse and Shaggy says, "Just tell him 'It wasn't you.'"

Then the music begins. Kutcher catches Kunis in multiple situations with his Cheetos (and sings off key) at the kitchen counter, on the sofa, in the shower and on a doorbell camera. Each time, her excuse is, "It wasn't me." 

Then Shaggy gets into his groove and sings the song as it's meant to be done: "To keep you own stash you gotta hide it betta."

At the end, Kutcher asks her one more time. And with Cheeto dust on her face, Kunis says, "It wasn't me." Kutcher responds, "Oh. OK."

Shaggy looks stunned and says, "Well that's the first time that's ever worked."

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