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Samantha Busch continues to raise awareness on infertility

Busch just released her own book sharing her personal journals on her families infertility battles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Samantha Busch has shared her infertility journey with the world to help build a family of infertility warriors and most recently she's shared her most intimate moments by releasing her own book, “Fighting Infertility”.

“I started writing "Fighting Infertility" actually almost over 8 years ago when we first started trying. I don't feel like infertility was talked about as much as it is now and so I just felt very kind of alone and depressed and didn't really know who to share things with so I just started dumping them into journals,” Busch said.

While the book covers a number of topics that families face during their infertility trials, one chapter means the most to Busch.

"It was really hard to write about the miscarriage, but I think that whole chapter was just a way to almost, to not have full closure, but to really put to really put out there everything that I was feeling and everything we went through," Busch said. "It's important to talk about that and it was hard, but that chapter in the book I think resonates with so many women and it's something that it is really hard to put into words and it’s hard to describe those feelings, but I'm happy I did because then other people who haven't experienced it might be able to even just read that chapter and understand what their sister or their wife or their friend is going through."

When it comes to her personal journey and the decision to continue to go through IVF in attempts to grow her family the reason she persists is simple.

"Definitely Brexton," Busch said. "Brexton has been wanting a sibling for so many years. In the vlog I got really emotional talking about it. We had just been at a trampoline park and everybody else had a playmate. It was in Bristol, so we weren't home, so we didn't have any friends to take with us and he was just like, 'Mom, how come I don't have anybody to play with?'. It just broke my heart and so even though this process is so physically and emotionally demanding. I want it for him. As much as I want it for Kyle and I, I think just getting to watch Brexton be a big brother is going to be amazing, so we'll keep fighting."

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The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund plan to kick off National Infertility Awareness Week by hosting the Set the Night Aglow Infertility Summit presented by Truist on April 19th. Details on how to be a part of the event here.

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