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Cybersecurity scam called 'formjacking' on the rise

"Formjacking" is also known as e-skimming and leaves victims unaware of stolen information.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new cybersecurity scam called "formjacking" is on the rise.

Hackers are injecting malicious code into websites and capturing your sensitive information which can be sold on the dark web for other people to use. 

The worst part? It can make you a victim on even the most secure websites.

You could be shopping or even filling out a job application, but as you enter personal information into an online form, a cybercriminal could actually be taking it in real-time. 

"They're looking for newer ways to trick the system," Fortalice security expert Mike Holland said.

Holland said the scam is stealthy and hidden from plain sight. Hackers are getting into mainstream websites through third parties like customer service chatbots. 

"It's very difficult to understand a hack while it's going on," Holland said.

Right now, as holiday shopping is underway, the FBI is warning online shoppers they're vulnerable. Hackers are gaining access to online stores and taking your credit card information. 

Companies and websites can be proactive by protecting their websites with security. You can take steps, too. Holland suggested going old school and checking your statements, turning on bank notifications, or using one credit card just for online purchases. 

Security experts also said some credit or debit card companies can give you a digital number used specifically for online transactions, so if you are hacked, you can keep your original card and card number. 

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