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Truck drivers feel the pinch at the pump as fuel costs soar

You're likely feeling the pain at the pumps but wait until you hear how much some truck drivers are paying. Some are now choosing to park their semis.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the price of fuel continues to rise, some truck drivers who keep America moving are choosing to park their trucks since they can't make a profit. 

As of Thursday, the average cost of a gallon of diesel in the U.S. was $5.06, according to AAA. 

Many semis that move the goods we all buy rely on diesel fuel. 

"This makes me want to cry," said Larry Johnson as he topped off his semi-truck at a gas station in North Charlotte off I-85. 

"If I owned the truck, I'd probably shut it down and go home," added James McCurdy, who pulled in at the pump beside Johnson. 

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McCurdy has driven semis for 37 years. He was on his way to New Jersey on Thursday afternoon when his boss notified him that he and other drivers for the company would need to stop idling their trucks in an effort to save fuel. 

"In the wintertime, we can't shut it down because we'll freeze to death in the truck," McCurdy said, explaining what the change could mean as he drives to cooler parts of the country. 

He said before fuel prices were raised, he was paying roughly $300 to fill up at times. Now, it costs him upwards of $600, he said. 

For drivers who are owners and operators like Edward Hayes, the price hikes are even more painful. 

"It's crazy," Hayes said. "It's ugly, man." 

He drove his semi from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Charlotte. However, he's choosing to park his truck since it's difficult to make a profit depending on the freight he can get mixed with the cost of fuel. 

"It's not worth me moving the truck if I can't make a check and also pay for fuel," Hayes said. 

He's paying between $800 and $850 to fill up his tanks, Hayes said. 

Shelley Bridge, who parked his semi next to Hayes at the north Charlotte gas station, said he's not running a route on purpose, too. He's paying too much for fuel. 

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"The cost of fuel now is costing anywhere around $900 just to fill up," Bridge said. "It's outrageous." 

All of the drivers are desperate for lower fuel costs and in the meantime are reminding you that the higher costs will ultimately trickle down to the consumer to pay. 

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