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New movie 'The Devil's Stomping Ground' based on North Carolina legend

A new horror movie "The Devil's Stomping Ground" is hitting more than theaters. It's hitting close to home in North Carolina.

SILER CITY, N.C. — A new horror movie "The Devil's Stomping Ground" is hitting more than just movie theaters; it's hitting close to home.

The movie is based on a real place in North Carolina.

In the movie, a group of college film students visit the place in rural NC known as "The Devil's Stomping Ground" to shoot their senior short project. Their footage is recovered the next day, but the students are nowhere to be found.

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Moviegoers may not realize this Hollywood film is based on a real place, known to North Carolinians as the Devil's Tramping Ground.

It seems like the mystery of the Devil's Tramping Ground has always been part of North Carolina's mythology. However, all stories must have a beginning, and many would be surprised to discover written accounts of the tramping ground dating back into the 1700s – and oral accounts dating back to before the founding of the United States itself.

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