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40% of Americans would prefer a 4-day workweek, survey finds

The payroll firm Kronos found that 40% of Americans would prefer a four-day workweek, as long as their pay remained the same.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — What's better than a three-day weekend? Nothing but three-day weekends. 

And it could soon be reality for more companies across America. According to a new survey from payroll company Kronos, 40% of Americans would prefer a four-day workweek over the standard five-day calendar in place now, as long as their pay remained the same. 

Kronos found that almost nine in 10 employees say they lose time every day on work-specific tasks that are not related to their job and an additional 40% said they lose at least an hour each day for administrative tasks that do not drive value for their organization. 

So what's wasting all this time? It depends who you ask. Millennials blame social media as their biggest time waster, while over a quarter of Baby Boomers say they waste the most time fixing problems caused by others. 

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An even more aggressive 20% of workers would like a three-day week. 

“The biggest takeaway of this research isn’t that we should move to a shorter workweek or that we need a time machine to get all our work done. It’s clear that employees want to work and do well by their employers, and many roles require people to be present or on call during specific hours to get the job done – such as teachers, nurses, retail associates, plant workers, delivery drivers, and nearly all customer-facing roles," said Joyce Maroney, executive director of The Workforce Institute at Kronos. "Organizations must help their people eliminate distractions, inefficiencies, and administrative work to enable them to work at full capacity." 

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Experts say a four-day workweek is a way to boost productivity and reduce employee burnout. According to a report from USA TODAY, 15% of organizations offer four-day weeks of 32 hours or less for at least some of their employees, which is up from 13% in 2017.