CORNELIUS, N.C. — When Natalie Weaver announced to the world that her daughter Sophia Weaver would be leaving the 'medical world' behind and entering hospice, thousands of people worldwide sent well wishes to the Weaver family. 

Natalie Weaver noticed one person in particular, the former president himself, Barack Obama.  

Sophia Weaver grabbed the nation's attention after her mom, Natalie Weaver, fought to protect her daughter's image after internet trolls took her picture and used it in an abortion campaign.

Natalie Weaver's daughter, Sophia, was born with deformities on her face, hands and feet. Natalie was 34 weeks pregnant when doctors told her and husband Mark what to expect.

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After years of hospital visits and medications that made her daughter weak and tired, Natalie and her Husband Mark made the hardest decision of their lives. 

Sophia would enter hospice and finally live her life without the constraints of the hospital. 

Now that Sophia was stronger and more alert, the Weaver family knew they wanted to allow their daughter to experience as many 'firsts' as she could.

"To know that her life is going to be spent experiencing wonderful fun moments instead of surgeries and pain and recovery and medications that make her tired and worn out it means so much to me," Weaver said. 

During one of Sophia's adventures, called Sweet Sophia's Adventures, the Weaver family was treated to a special viewing at the Mint Museum in uptown Charlotte.

Natalie and Sophia snapped a sweet photo in front of a mural of Barack Obama. Weaver wrote: 

"I was Overcome w/ emotion as I stood in front of the @barackobama painting w/ Sophia. I explained that he is the President who fought for her to have healthcare despite being born w/ many #PreExistingConditions & why she’s alive today which is why I fought so hard for 2 yrs to protect preexisting condition protections."

 Her Instagram post quickly racked up thousands of likes and several hundred comments. A week later President Obama commented. 

"It wasn’t just me fighting for the ACA, Natalie," Obama wrote. "It was millions of people like you. Thanks for everything you’re doing for Sophia and so many others."

"We are in the beginning stages of changing and transitioning her care and none of us know how long she will be here. It could be a year or more or less, we just don’t know," Weaver said. 

NBC Charlotte's Michelle Boudin joins the Weaver family as they experience several new adventures with their daughter Sophia. Catch that story on Friday at 6 p.m. only on WCNC. 

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