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Resource Guide: How to stand out in an 'at home' job interview

Looking at North Carolina’s Department of Commerce, in May the unemployment rate increased 8.9% compared to this time last year.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Unemployment across the country and here in the Carolinas is staggering. 

Looking at North Carolina’s Department of Commerce, in May the unemployment rate increased 8.9% compared to this time last year. 

The numbers in the Carolinas are nearly triple due to the pandemic, which means when it’s time to return to work, possibly triple the number of people will be interviewing for jobs.  

That brings us to this story. How do you stand out in an interview at home? WCNC Charlotte’s Rachel Lundberg spoke with Moe Vela, a chief transparency officer at Transparent Business, about tips for doing just that. 

Vela gave us a list of the top four ways to put yourselves in the best position to be selected for the new job in this “new normal."

  • Given that your interview is conducted via Zoom, Skype or a similar tool, make sure that your background is appropriate. You want it to be clean and not distracting. He specifically said, no virtual backgrounds! They are funny, but this is the wrong place. Having a piece of artwork, for example, could be a good conversation starter, so you can keep that in mind for what the interviewer sees behind you. “This matters,” Vela said. “Remember we are trying to present our best self.”
  • Make sure the technology you use WORKS! The last thing you want is a technical glitch halfway through.
  • We all know comfy clothes are the hot ticket item through work from home life, but during your interview, Vela advises you to get dressed up and get ready just like you normally would for an interview. It will not only help you mentally prepare but also present yourself in an appealing manner.
  • You’re at home, nice and comfortable, so this is your time to shine! It’s not often a formal interview will be in this setting. With that being said, be over-prepared. We’ve got to get creative to stand out since nearly everyone is doing what you’re doing…working from home.  “It will set you apart to have your resume or a quick video about yourself ready to go,” Vela said. This way you can “share your screen” and efficiently show your future employer who you are in a concise, professional way.


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