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Union County first responders throw slow parade for healthcare workers

"I know that everybody's got hospitals but this is our hospital and we sure are proud of it."

MONROE, N.C. — Even in counties that aren't overwhelmed by coronavirus patients, hospitals are experiencing record traffic. And while there's little anyone can do to properly thank healthcare workers for all they're doing right now, Union County took it upon themselves to give it a shot.

It was another busy Wednesday at Atrium Health Union in Monroe, when the law came calling. Sheriff deputies, firefighters and EMTs all formed a single file line to show their appreciation.

"Anytime we can show support to the healthcare workers we like to give that back to them," Monroe Police Captain Bobby Manus said.

It was a show of force with a tender message. As doctors, nurses and technicians poured outside to witness the slow parade, mutual appreciation was in the air.

"I hope they feel a little bit better to know that they are supported out here," said Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey. "I know that everybody's got hospitals but this is our hospital and we sure are proud of it."

Union County has seen its share of coronavirus cases, and while healthcare workers bear the brunt of patient overload, these first responders know all too well what it's to be taken for granted.

"To be honest, its uplifting to us to be able to do that," Sheriff Cathey said.

And while no one from Atrium Health Union wanted to speak on camera, it was evident the first responders' message hit home.

"We're gonna support each other, we're gonna do the things that should be done and we're gonna get through this," Cathey said.

Representatives from each one of Union County's emergency services was on hand for today's parade.