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Family of Stanly Co. teacher who died from coronavirus think she got it at school

A third grader tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday.

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. — A third-grade student at Norwood Elementary School in Stanly County tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, according to interim superintendent Vicki Calvert. This comes just days after third grade teacher, Julie Davis, died after a quick battle with the virus.

On Monday, Stanly County Schools and the Health Department said that the 49-year-old teacher did not get coronavirus at the school, but her family thinks otherwise.

No matter who you talk to it is obvious, Julie Davis was the type of person who was there for you when you needed her.

“There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for you. In the worst of times, she could make you smile and comfort you in a way that made you feel better,” said her brother Stan Andrews.

It's that type of comfort her family desperately needs right now. Davis, a third grade teacher at Norwood Elementary School died on Sunday after a quick battle with coronavirus

“I’m still processing how everything happened so quick,” her daughter Leanna Richardson said.

Davis started feeling symptoms on September 25th. She immediately got tested and quarantined. By September 30th, the entire third grade switched to virtual learning. Students haven’t been in the building since the 29th, but Wednesday, one tested positive.

The local health department said Davis did not contract the virus at school, her family doesn't see how it would've happened anywhere else.

“The first thing I asked her was where she got it and she said there had been a student at school who had it and only the students who were symptomatic went home, even though they had siblings in the school,” said Andrews.

Family members said Davis didn't go anywhere else and was extremely careful and safe.

“It’s neither here nor there. Nothing’s going to bring her back, but I just can't imagine people with sound mind after this happening, opening schools back up. I just feel like they're asking for more deaths,” said Andrews.

Her daughter, Leanna Richardson, agrees.

"I don't wish to track down the exact person and blame them in any way shape or form. I just don't think they can say with 100% certainty she couldn't have gotten it from there,” she said.

Davis' family is concerned by the new case, they don't want anyone else to feel the pain they are now as they try to navigate how to get through without her.

“She’d say no I love you more. I'm going to miss hearing I love you more. I'm going to miss calling her asking mom, how do you cook this recipe? Mom, I have a stain in this shirt what do I put on it? Mama, this happened, how would you get through it,” said Richardson.

The third grade was set to return for in person learning on Monday October 12. The district is working with the health department to determine if that needs to be pushed back.

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