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How Sarah French's 100-year-old grandma is handling the coronavirus pandemic

We let you listen into that call, here's how it went.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — WCNC Charlotte's Sarah French took a few minutes to call her 100-year-old grandma the other day in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

We let you listen in to that call, here's how it went. 

Grandma: Hello.

Sarah: Whatcha doing?

Grandma: [laughs] I just turned on the news and it said we may have 22 cases in Arkansas. I've never been through anything like this. 

Sarah: Not even the Great Depression? 

Grandma: Oh, I went through the Great Depression. But I was just a kid and I didn't even know it was a depression. You know, I mean we just didn't have everything. We'd look at catalogs and just wish we had 'em but knew we couldn't get them. 

Grandma: See, we didn't have television, and so we didn't see a lot that was going on. Well, I wouldn't call this like the Great Depression, not in the least. 

Grandma: Are you washing your hands real often? 

Sarah: I'm washing them, all the time! Trying to get my kids to wash them too, but they love to sneeze all over me. 

Grandma: [laughs] 

Grandma: I wonder how Tom Hanks and his wife are doing? They have - they have the virus. 

Sarah: Yes, I saw that they just released them from the hospital and now they're finishing up their quarantine at home or out of the hospital. 

Grandma: [uh-huh] 

Sarah: They're doing self-isolation. And so I think he's good. 

Sarah: Is he your favorite actor? 

Grandma: Yeah, he's a great actor. Great man too. 

Sarah French's grandmother will turn 101 years old on March 29. Her family was going to visit her, but to keep their distance, a phone call will have to do. 


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