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Woman celebrates 99th birthday despite coronavirus social distancing

Family and friends adjust to social restrictions caused by the Coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Betty Knox is celebrating her 99th birthday, but not in the way she initially imagined because of social distancing restrictions implanted after the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Instead of being at a party, she’s in isolation inside a Cotswold senior living community. While her family and friends celebrate her birthday outside her window. For more than a week, Waltonwood Senior Living Community has restricted outside visitors due to the threat of the Coronavirus. 

“We thought we would make the best of the situation and relocate the party to the parking lot,” said her son Matt Knox.

The group set up balloons, flowers, cards and champagne right outside Betty’s window and sang happy birthday to her just to show how much they care.

“When I go and sit with Betty Knox it really grounds me and makes me pause and appreciate life,” neighbor Carol Waggener said.

At the age of 99, Betty has certainly experienced a lot. Yet even in the midst of the panic and uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic family and friends say she still stands by her life motto.

“That’s her quote, time and patience so just stay calm and we’ll make it through this,” her son says.

Family members say once the Coronavirus concerns are gone they still hope to have an official and more personal birthday celebration with Betty soon. 

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