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‘I’ve spent 10 years fighting fiercely for her’ | Sophia Weaver, now in hospice, is experiencing a whole new world of firsts

Natalie and Mark Weaver were forced with making one of the hardest decisions of their lives. After 30 surgeries, the Weavers decided to transition Sophia away from medical care to give her a chance to live life.

Meilin Tompkins

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Published: 5:46 PM EDT May 10, 2019
Updated: 6:51 PM EDT May 25, 2019

Editor's note: Natalie Weaver, Sophia Weaver's mom, wrote on Facebook that her Sweet Sophia passed away Thursday evening. The Weavers said once they "pull themselves from this heart-shattering pain," they will continue to help others in her memory.

CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Natalie Weaver broke the news to her social media followers back in February: Sophia Weaver would officially 'leave behind' the medical world and enter hospice. 

"This doesn’t mean she is dying but this does mean we are in the beginning stages of changing and transitioning her care and none of us know how long she will be here. It could be a year or more or less, we just don’t know," Natalie wrote. 

On April 26, Sophia underwent her 30th and final surgery. Her family is now focused on making sure Sophia lives life to the fullest. 

No more hospitals, no more incisions, no more scars.

Thanks to the generosity of their community, the Weavers are able to take Sophia on a handful of adventures around Charlotte. Adventures Sophia would never have been able to take if she was still bouncing in and out of hospitals.

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