CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular South Park Italian restaurant made the Restaurant Report Card, and it's a repeat offender.

Maggiano's is a popular spot, especially on prom night and weekends. But the health department found an employee not washing hands. In fact, that employee was going from task to task then began making food.

The mixer was just rinsed off; there was no thorough wash or sanitizer. The bleu cheese, crab cakes, and egg wash were too warm. In fact, the cold holding wasn't even working properly.  

The grade? A 90, the lowest A.

Jasmine Grill on South Blvd. had problems with coolers not working, handwashing, and sanitizer levels in their dish machine.  

The grade? An 87, that's a B.

At the Wang and King Asian Café on South Tryon, they had egg rolls and cooked chicken that were uncovered in the cooler. That's not allowed. The inspector noted the place was dirty, and part of the sushi display was sitting in the hand sink.

The grade? An 86.5, the lowest of the week on this report. A re-inspection brought the grade up to 93.5.

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