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Panthers wearing contact tracing sensors at training camp

Devices light up when wearers are too close for too long

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Carolina Panthers, and other teams around the NFL, are getting a new piece of equipment for 2020: a contact tracing sensor.

Made by the company, Kinexon, the SafeZone tag warns users when they are too close to one another for too long.

"It's a constant reminder to all of us when it starts going red, you think you're six feet apart and it's red, back up until it's stops blinking," said Panthers coach Matt Rhule. "And it's like oh this is six feet now."

Rhule indicated the data from the sensors can also be used to see where people tend to congregate, as the Panthers try and stay socially distanced inside Bank of America Stadium with 90 players and dozens of coaches and staff members at training camp.

"I think we've given our players and our team the best possible chance to stay as healthy as possible," Rhule said.

The Panthers have made several changes to Bank of America Stadium, including knocking down walls to expand locker room and meeting space.

Coaches are working on the third floor, club level, which allows for more spacing, and Rhule indicated that players will be able to utilize the stadium suites as locker room space.

"I'm encouraged for our players to come in and see what's been done here," said Rhule. "I hope that when the guys walk in my words will be backed up by action where they'll feel like, hey this has been really secure."

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