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Concord family dedicating holiday lights to wife's breast cancer survival

Daniel and Rosanna Christian have wowed with their musical holiday lights. This year their lights will bloom to life in pink.

CONCORD, N.C. — Many families are getting their holiday lights up but one Concord family is going above and beyond. People come from near and far to see the Christian family’s lights every year. This year, the show is extra special. 

For the past decade, Daniel and Rosanna Christian have wowed with their musical holiday lights. Drawing loyal crowds with fun new themes each year. From Star Wars singing lights to Harry Potter and other top hits.

"All of the people you know, that come from everywhere to come and see our lights. It's really a lot of fun just to bring that happiness,” Rosanna said.

But this home off Winding Walk, so long known for holiday joy, was where Rosanna Christian learned she had cancer.

"I was diagnosed in July of last year with triple-negative stage one breast cancer came as a shock," she said. "I was 34 you know, pretty much the healthiest person you'd ever meet. And it just goes to show that cancer is not biased in any way. You can hit anyone at any moment."

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"Watching your wife sit down and go through chemo and it would be a six-hour eight-hour process. And forgive me if I go into tears because it was hard that as a husband, all I did was sat there and watched her go through that. And I’d say, you are my wonder woman. I mean, you're going through some really deep valleys in your life. And you're coming up so fast. And that, to me is the true definition of wonder woman,” Daniel said.

And that’s why this year as the Christian family lights bloom to life in pink you’ll hear the Wonderwoman soundtrack booming through the speakers.

"I've dedicated that song purely for my wife,” Daniel said.

Credit: Christian family

After a year of chemo, radiation, and surgery Rosanna is now cancer-free. The Christian family, and their lights, shining on.

"Look for joy in every moment, there's always something to be thankful for always… whatever the lockdown has taken from you, whether it's your job, your, you know, your family, anything, there's still something to be thankful for in no matter what the circumstances are,” Rosanna said.

If you want to see the light show, head to the Facebook page “Christian Family Lights” and send them a DM to receive the address and schedule a time to drive by.

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