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YouDay: What we can learn from tree stumps

Coach LaMonte explains how a tree stump can teach a life lesson on how to protect us from getting cut down by life and others.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I believe that the greatest lessons in life can be taught by the everyday things we see in nature- Take a tree stump for example. A tree stump is an indication that something once stood tall but an event caused it to be cut down. Unfortunately, a tree stump is how many of us view our lives.

We find ourselves growing to certain levels and then allow ourselves or others to cut us down. This could happen when we lack confidence in ourselves and struggle with the power of our own being. It can also, in many instances, create an internal picture that shows us that we simply didn't expect more from ourselves- this can create a new unhealthy belief system, and because of this belief, we adopted a mindset that we aren't good enough.

As your coach let me tell you that you are good enough -- but you must believe that for yourself. No longer can we allow the elements of this world to cut us down. We have too much growth left in us to quit. Be willing to expect more from your life -- and that willingness will bring you to places you never imagined. This world needs you- but never forget that you- need you!

-- Coach LaMonte. 

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