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Can't afford to move into a bigger home? Organize your house for more room instead

So many people are still working and learning from home and would love more space. If you can't afford to move, professionally organize the space you already have.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With so many people still working from home, and so many kids still learning at home, space in the house is at a premium. 

One business that is doing better than expected during the pandemic is home organization, which has also gone virtual. 

Does your closet look like a wreck? With clothes, shoes, bags and boxes stacked to the ceiling? If so, it's OK. You're not alone. 

Some people just need to maximize their existing space and use what they have. Besides, not everybody has the time or means of moving right now. Brittany Kambur admits she needed help. Both she and her husband were working from home and needed a makeover to make space. 

"A 2-year-old, a 2-week-old baby, and we were in the process of moving back into our house after a large oak tree came crashing through the roof," Kambur said. "So we had forced remodeling."

Credit: Brittany Kambur

That’s where entrepreneur Lindsay Sanchez comes into the picture. Sanchez started her business called “Prim-Space” right before COVID-19 hit. When the pandemic closed most everything, Sanchez thought her business was all over before it even began.

“There was definitely a state of panic about whether or not the business could survive and whether or not I’d be able to re-enter a client home again” Sanchez admitted.

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Credit: Lindsey Sanchez

Sanchez has a background in logistics and supply chain management. She soon realized a lot of people needed a lot of help, and like so many others, took her business virtual. Food pantries, closets and flex space for kids to play and learn, were among her top offerings. The business Sanchez thought would be crippled by the pandemic was anything but, thanks to FaceTime and Zoom. You can also follow her company on Instagram.

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Credit: Lindsey Sanchez

“I guide them through the process of sorting through and categorizing all their belongings and i will help them measure their space accordingly” said Sanchez.

Virtual organizing was off and running, custom-made plans based on your space and your budget. The before and after are the proof, with less mess and likely less stress. So where should do you even begin if you want to maximize your space, let’s say in a closet?

Credit: Lindsey Sanchez

“Step one is take everything out, take it all out of the space, take an inventory and ask yourself, do I love this, do I need this, and do I use this, and if the answer is no, then you know what the next step might be” said Sanchez.