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Earnhardt family seen escaping fiery plane crash in new video

Video recorded after the crash of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s private plane shows the family escaping the fiery wreckage and running for safety.

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. — Newly obtained video shows Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and family escaping the fiery wreck of their plane after crash landing in eastern Tennessee Thursday.

Earnhardt, his wife, and their one-year-old daughter were being flown by two pilots on their Cessna Citation aircraft when it crashed during landing at Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Carter County, Tennessee Thursday.

911 calls released Friday detailed the anxious moments while the family tried to escape.

"No body is moving," a caller told dispatchers as she waited for anyone to emerge from the burning aircraft.

Moments later, she continued. "They're trying to get out now."

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Video obtained by WCNC NBC Charlotte Friday shows this moment.

Credit: WCNC
After escaping the burning wreckage, a man, presumably Dale Earnhardt, Jr, reaches back into the plane to grab the Eanhardt's one year old daughter.

"There's a baby. One. Two. Three," the 911 caller continued as she counted the individuals exiting the aircraft. "Five people and a dog," she finally concludes.

The woman who recorded the video, and wished to not be identified, told NBC Charlotte she was praying the entire time.

Her video shows the aircraft's forward door being opened from the inside. The middle and rear sections of the plane are burning. Thick black smoke is visible. A small explosion in the plane's midsection kicks up flames.

A man, presumably Earnhardt, appears in the door. He climbs through the partially opened door before turning back to grab a baby. He then runs away from the burning aircraft.

Other individuals then follow. Among them Earnhardt's wife, Amy, the two pilots, and the family dog.

The Earnhardt family had departed Statesville, North Carolina a short time earlier. Earnhardt, a former NASCAR driver, was scheduled to appear on NBC Sports Network as a part of NASCAR race coverage in Bristol, Tennessee.

The NTSB is on-scene investigating. In a news conference Friday, the NTSB said they had spoken to the pilots and reviewed video footage of the crash.

No one was injured in the crash.

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