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Half of UNC Charlotte students accused of sexual misconduct actually disciplined

University records show UNC Charlotte has disciplined dozens of students for sexual misconduct policy violations since 2012 following campus investigations.

Nate Morabito

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Published: 11:54 AM EST December 2, 2020
Updated: 11:34 PM EST December 2, 2020

If a University of North Carolina at Charlotte student is investigated by the university for an alleged sexual misconduct policy violation, there's a 50-50 chance he or she will face discipline, a WCNC Defenders investigation revealed.

Of UNC Charlotte's 115 internal sexual misconduct investigations since 2012, UNC Charlotte disciplined 58 students connected to those cases, according to the university. Of those 58, campus investigations concluded the actions of merely seven of them involved criminal elements. A recent court ruling paved the way for the release of those disciplinary records, which include the names of seven men, two of which are former athletes.