CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you're going out for dinner during Memorial Day weekend, you'll want to pay attention to the restaurant scores as you walk in the door. 

This week's restaurant report card has two restaurants with B grades and one C. And these violations are things that can make you sick.

First up is Fuel Pizza on South College. Employees there weren't washing their hands the right way; it earned a four-point deduction. Their ice dispenser on the soda machine was covered with a pink and black buildup and their salad was too warm. Fuel Pizza's grade was an 84, good enough for a B. 

Click here to view Fuel Pizza's inspection report

Next up is a food stand at the Los Reyes Supermarket. Their ice machine was dirty, too. Their chicken, rice and pork wasn't properly reheated and there were flies all over the kitchen. Los Reyes was given a 78.5, that's a C. 

Click here to view Los Reyes' inspection report

Last up is Ichiban on Queen City Drive in west Charlotte. Employees were spotted handling food with bare hands, which is a major no-no. The restaurant was storing raw beef and chicken together, another contamination problem and no one in the kitchen was wearing the required hairnets when preparing food. The grade at Ichiban was an 81, a low B. 

Click here to view Ichiban's inspection report