CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you're thinking about going out for dinner this weekend, you'll want to see this week's Restaurant Report Card because you never know which places in town will end up on the list. 

First up this week is the movie theater at Epicentre in uptown, Studio Movie Grill. The inspection didn't go well for them. First, there were handwashing issues. The inspector said there wasn't enough and three hand sinks were blocked. As for the food, they had ranch and sour cream holding above 41 degrees because the cooler wasn't working right, so it was thrown out. It gets worse; there were fruit flies at the soda station. 

Their grade? An 83.5, a lower end B. Click here to see Studio Movie Grill's inspection violations.

Next up is Guate Linda at 6016 The Plaza in Plaza Midwood. No one here was washing their hands, even during the inspection, until they were told to do so. They also had someone washing dishes with just a sponge, no water. They had fruit flies buzzing the bananas and then a big violation: their food prep unit wasn't working. It had an ambient air temperature of 50 and their walk-in cooler was 41 degrees. Cold food must be kept below 41 degrees and that's the law in Mecklenburg County. 

They were told to close until the health department comes back on June 23. Their grade here? An 84, that's a B. Click here to see their inspection violations

Last up is Antonio's Pizza on North Tryon. They had cooked chicken wings that appeared to be undercooked and some of their ricotta cheese, salami and ham were too warm. Their cooler was also recommended for service. Their grade? A 90.1, a very low A. 

Click here to view Antonio's Pizza's inspection violations

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