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How to report a power outage during the winter storm

Freezing rain and ice can accumulate on power lines, causing widespread outages. Here's how you can report an outage to get service restored quickly.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When wintry weather hits the Carolinas, many people get excited about the possibility of snow. But there's another risk that comes with winter storms: Power outages. 

First Warn Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich says it only takes about a half-inch of ice accumulating on power lines to take them down or snap a pole. The Charlotte area saw mostly sleet but was at risk for freezing rain as the storm moved north from South Carolina. 

🌩ī¸ If you like weather, watch Brad Panovich and the WCNC Charlotte First Warn Weather Team on their YouTube channel, Weather IQ. đŸŽĨ

So if you're home and the power goes out, do you know how to report a power outage? Here's how you can report a utility outage to some of the major service providers in the Charlotte area. 

Electric Power Outages

Duke Energy

To report an outage to Duke Energy, customers can call 1-800-769-3766. Duke Energy customers can also report outages online. Power outages can also be reported through the Duke Energy app

If you see a fallen power line or safety hazard, call Duke Energy at 1-800-769-3766 immediately To check the status of current outages and their estimated time of restoration, check the interactive map online

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Blue Ridge Energy

To report a Blue Ridge Energy power outage, customers can call 1-800-448-2383. Blue Ridge Energy customers can also report outages via mobile app or text message. They list lots of ways of how to report an outage online. 

Energy United

Energy United customers can report an outage by calling 1-800-386-4833 or online by logging into their customer account. Customers also have the option to call 1-800-522-3793.

Energy United also has text message alerts for customers who wish to stay informed about outages in their area. 

Natural Gas 

Dominion Energy

To report a natural gas emergency via Dominion Energy, call 911 or 1-877-776-2427. Reporting a gas leak cannot be done online. 

Piedmont Natural Gas

If you smell natural gas or suspect a leak, leave the area immediately. Call Piedmont Natural Gas at 1-800-752-7504 or call 911. 

Frontier Natural Gas

If you suspect there is a gas leak in your home or on your property, call 911 and Frontier Natural Gas at 336-526-2690 or 1-888-337-4774.

  • Natural gas is non-toxic, odorless and lighter than air. An odor is added to help you detect a potential leak. Check for the following signs: 
  • A rotten egg odor
  • Discolored or dead vegetation near the pipeline
  • A hissing, whistling or roaring sound near a gas appliance or pipeline
  • Dirt or debris blowing into the air or persistent bubbles in water-covered areas
  • Flames

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Charlotte Water

If you see a water leak or have a busted pipe, contact Charlotte Water immediately at 794-336-7600. Customers can also call 311. Customers should call Charlotte Water if they see water leaking from under the street, from a meter box or from a fire hydrant.

If the water is turned off for repairs in your area, check the Charlotte Water Twitter account for updates. 

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