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'He was still shooting when we were leaving:' CMPD releases 911 calls from UNCC shooting

A staff member told 911 dispatchers a student saw someone bleeding and they were hiding in a classroom.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dozens of 911 calls from a deadly on-campus shooting at UNC Charlotte were released by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Friday. 

In total, CMPD released 48 calls from the shooting. Callers included students, family members and university staff. Among them was the partner of professor Adam Johnson, who received a text from Johnson saying a shooter was in his classroom. 

Police said 32 of the 48 calls were received within 16 minutes. During one of the calls, a student who was in the classroom gave 911 a description of the witness. 

"We were in the class," said the caller. "He had long black hair, glasses and was wearing all black. I couldn't get a good look, I just know that." 

Can't hear the audio? Click here to view a playlist of 911 calls from the UNCC shooting. 

The caller said it appeared the gunman was armed with a pistol and shooting at one person. She described hearing "a lot" of shots before running from the room. 

The suspect was taken into custody shortly after the shooting. He faces a dozen charges, including two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder. 

Another caller told 911 he was hiding near the emergency exit in the library. 

"We're hiding and we don't know what to do," the caller said. "We're in the library. We're at the emergency exit and we're at the very bottom." 

A staff member in the Friday building said one of his students saw someone who had been shot. He said a large group of students were in his room and the doors didn't lock. 

"I have a student that went out to make a copy and he came running in," the teacher said. "He saw people bleeding."

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