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Murder warrants issued for Tyler Terry, Adrienne Simpson in the death of Eugene Simpson

Investigators said Eugene Simpson was reported missing by his mother on May 2.

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Murder warrants were issued Friday afternoon for Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson in the death of Simpson's husband, Eugene Simpson, the Chester County Sheriff's Office announced.

Terry and Simpson had been previously connected to two deadly shootings and an alleged drug deal in Missouri. Terry is also wanted for a murder in York County.

Wednesday evening, the Chester County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a tweet a body had been found in Great Falls off Stroud Road near Old Richburg Road. The victim was later identified as 33-year-old Eugene Simpson, the husband of Adrienne Simpson.

Arrest warrants say Simpson admitted she and Terry shot Eugene on May 2, then dumped his body on Stroud Road in Great Falls.

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Investigators said Eugene Simpson was reported missing by his mother on May 2. A spokesperson for the Chester County Sheriff's Office said Simpson had been dead for several days by the time he was found. 

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FBI agents from Charlotte have been sent to Chester County, South Carolina, to assist authorities as they continue to look for Terry. He has been on the run since late Monday after a police chase ended with a crash on Highway 9 near Richburg. Terry is accused of firing multiple shots at Chester County deputies during the chase, striking multiple vehicles. 

The driver of the car, later identified as Adrienne Simpson, was arrested at the scene of the crash and faces multiple charges. 

 A year before going on the alleged crime spree, which investigators liken to Bonnie and Clyde, Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson were linked to other criminal cases, in North Carolina and South Carolina, and court records show, in those cases, Simpson was his victim.

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An arrest warrant shows Terry was arrested for domestic violence in Chester in May 2020. 

Court records accuse him of assaulting Simpson at a hotel, causing disfigurement, hearing loss, a swollen eye and leaving her in fear for her life.

The warrant said, at that time, the two had been in a romantic relationship for approximately two years. 

The court records also allude to Terry's previous convictions earlier that year in North Carolina, which included carrying a concealed weapon and assault on a female. 

According to the warrant, Simpson is listed as the victim on his North Carolina domestic-related charges.

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Terry was sentenced to 18 months of probation, but a spokesperson said he absconded in September 2020.

On Friday, deputies expanded the search perimeter beyond Fishing Creek and closer to Fort Lawn. Chester County Sheriff, Max Dorsey says manpower doubled to over 120 officers. The FBI also offering more support. 

"We're utilizing experts that are the best in the country at finding people in this terrain," Dorsey said. 

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As authorities intensify their manhunt, heavily armed officers were seen canvassing the area near Lewisville High School. 

"This isn't the movies," Dorsey said. "This is real life and this is a real situation, but remember even in the movies he wasn't caught right away, it takes time."

The manhunt has many people in the area on edge. 

"It's scary cause I have a two-year-old who's always in Chester County with his dad and his family so it's hard to comprehend everything," Michaela Dean said. "It's stressful for everyone, it's more of try to keep calm and just do what we have to do."

"It is a little scary the fact that he's traveled this far is really shocking to me," Neal Stidham said.

While the search is still underway, authorities are asking neighbors to lock your doors to your home and your vehicles, but most importantly secure any firearms. 

"I need everybody in this community to know where their firearms are and make sure they are in their possession under lock and key at home in a safe or somewhere but they can not be in a vehicle," Dorsey said. 

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