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A lookback at the deadly Carolina flooding of Nov. 12, 2020

Flooding was seen in big cities like Charlotte, and in rural communities like Hiddenite, where 6 people died in the historic flash flooding.

James Brierton (WCNC), Brandon Goldner, Brittany Van Voorhees (WCNC)

Published: 6:25 PM EST November 12, 2021
Updated: 6:55 PM EST November 12, 2021

One year ago, North Carolina and South Carolina experienced historic flooding that claimed 6 lives and led to water rescues across numerous counties.

The impact and damage were so severe North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency.

The flooding was seen in rural and metro communities alike - including Charlotte and Greensboro. It took days for a swollen Catawba River to return to its banks.

It left many, including WCNC Charlotte's owned seasoned Larry Sprinkle and Brad Panovich, astounded at the severity of the flooding.

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