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Donate to help get women back in the workforce, particulary the trades

Help make a difference by helping this Charlotte nonprofit sparking interest in construction and maker trades.
Credit: She Built This City

She Built This City

Nearly two million women have dropped out of the labor force amid the pandemic. How will they come back?

A nonprofit based in west Charlotte is trying to make a difference. It’s called She Built This City and was founded by Demi Knight Clark, a residential construction industry executive for over 20 years.  They empower women and girls in the construction and manufacturing trades.

DONATE to She Built This City

You can help by making a donation. $25 provides one youth experience in the explorer kids program to spark interest in construction and maker trades.

A $50 provides one youth with an opportunity to to learn 3D printing, virtual reality and other 2030 technology pathways.

WCNC Charlotte and the TEGNA Foundation will match up to the first $2,000 donated.  

=== Our November Spotlight ===

PATH, Inc.

PATH, Inc. is making a difference in York County by providing Thanksgiving meals to those in need this holiday.  The non-profit needs to distribute a total of 125 boxes of food for Thanksgiving to families in western York County.  But they need donations to help make that happen.

DONATE to PATH to help this Thanksgiving

WCNC Charlotte and the TEGNA Foundation will match up to the first $2,000 donated.  

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After Thanksgiving the non-profit starts working on distributing food boxes for Christmas.  So no matter how much money you donate, it all goes back to the community.

=== Our October Spotlight ===

Camino Health Center

Camino Health Center is a bilingual and multicultural health center located in west Charlotte that provides excellent and affordable integrated care to the underinsured and uninsured populations. Their mission is to equip people to live truly healthy lives.  

DONATE to Camino Health Center

At Camino, they believe nutrition is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people don’t have access to food, let alone meals rich in nutrients. It’s through their Food Pantry, called “The Food Farmacy”, that they help alleviate food insecurity in our community. A $25 donatation will help feed one person for a week.

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=== Our August and September Spotlight ===

The month-long WCNC Charlotte Clear The Shelters event ended September 18 with a fantastic adoption day.

Making a difference in the Charlotte area, TEGNA Foundation and WCNC Charlotte donated a total of $11,000 to Clear The Shelters. Each shelter and rescue will receive $1,000.  A total of $21,000 was raised and more than 240 pets were adopted.

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There are a variety of shelters in our area that participated. The goal was to make a difference in the animal community to help them adopt out all of their animals and raise money to support their shelter.

=== Our June Spotlight ===

Carolinas Metro Reds

Carolinas Metro Reds is a nonprofit in Charlotte that helps underserved youth play baseball.  The Carolinas Metro Reds provides a diverse, family environment for underserved youth to develop their baseball, academic and life skills by way of high-level coaching, teaching and mentorship.

Baseball is a national pastime, a team sport that millions of youth have enjoyed and benefitted from for over a century.  However,  baseball is out of reach for many families in Charlotte as it is no longer affordable.  Many families can't pay the team fees that provide access to baseball fields, equipment, and coaching.  But through Carolinas Metro Reds, hundreds of youth are able to take the field.

A donation of $50 supports one player for a season with Carolinas Metro Reds.

WCNC Charlotte will match up to the first $2,000 donated to Carolinas Metro Reds.

DONATE to Carolinas Metro Reds

Morris Madden, a former MLB left-handed pitcher, is the founder and President of the Carolinas Metro Reds.  For years, Morris noticed a concerning lack of growth among young African-American players in baseball. Not nearly enough kids under the age of eighteen had the awareness or access to the game of baseball and he knew that he had to help. Shortly after his MLB playing career, he decided it was time to take an active role in being a part of the solution.  

There are currently almost 200 players in the organization and additional funding will help additional undeserved players and families to participate in baseball, and also benefit from the life skills and education support provided.

In 2020, WCNC Charlotte and the TEGNA Foundation awarded Carolina Metro Reds a grant, which supported two entire teams for a season of baseball.

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=== Our May Spotlight ===

Esther's Heart

Help feed hungry children in the community. Esther's Heart Backpacks of Hope Program is in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County School Systems. 

DONATE to Esther's Heart

Esther's Heart receives applications ongoing throughout the school year and needs support from the community to make this happen continually. Backpacks of Hope provides the meals for the entire weekend for the youth.

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=== Our April Spotlight ===

For The Struggle, Inc.

Help seniors stay in their homes by donating to For The Struggle, Inc, a nonprofit that focuses on advocating for homeowners at risk of losing their property to gentrification.  

DONATE to For the Struggle, Inc.

The Elder Response Initiative provides free services to seniors in historically and predominately black neighborhoods, primarily Charlotte's Beatties Ford Road corridor.  

The initiative was created by For The Struggle, Inc. because Charlotte has experienced rapid gentrification that has heightened the risk of displacement, particularly on the corridor. The corridor has a large senior population at risk of displacement. As such, the initiative provides seniors with assistance obtaining critical home repairs; future planning (e.g. wills, powers of attorney); and property tax relief.   

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=== Our March Spotlight ===

Turning Point

One in four families we know is impacted by domestic violence. It’s a startling statistic. And because of the pandemic, victims are in isolation from their abusers. 

Turning Point is a nonprofit in Monroe that is a safe shelter for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. They’re in need of financial donations. 

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Make a difference and help those trapped in domestic violence. Donate now by texting the word MONROE to 50155 or you go online to donate.

=== Our February spotlight ===

Bountiful Blessings Food Pantry

WCNC Charlotte is teaming up with the United Way of Gaston County to make a difference for an organization in need.

Bountiful Blessings Food Pantry served about 300 people per week before COVID-19 hit. Now, volunteers are serving nearly 4,000 a week and need upgraded equipment to keep feeding the community. 

SEE OUR COVERAGEMake A Difference: Bountiful Blessings receives $10,000 donation from Junior League

Donations can be made online or you can text BOUNTIFUL to 71777.

Making a difference

With millions of people turning to charitable nonprofits since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WCNC Charlotte is raising awareness of nonprofits in the Carolinas that are in desperate need of help.  Additional funds are needed in an effort to continue to serve those who need it most. 

Each month, WCNC Charlotte will share information about a nonprofit making a difference in the community. These nonprofits are all 501c3 verified through the IRS. If you are in a position to give, any donation amount can make an impact.